In the Let It Glow podcast, I share inspiring stories, tools from my Heart-Centered Curriculum, and motivation that will help listeners to make each day brighter!


TRUTH & JUSTICE! This is definitely my most vulnerable and raw podcast yet. There is hope and light woven in, but the subject matter is difficult. I go more into the sexual abuse I endured as a young child. This is out of my comfort zone but ultimately the purpose behind my openness is to: 
1. create awareness;
2. provide real hope that you can be a victor not a victim; and 
3. show that you can stand up for yourself and others.
You too can do hard things. Give yourself a break and remember you are not defined by your darkest hour. 
In this podcast episode, Jennifer discusses the powerful principle, "Change your mind, change your life." How often do you believe your own false thoughts? We have all fallen into this trap. Remember, THOUGHTS ARE NOT FACTS! It’s important to remember that IT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, IT’S WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT IT.
“Nothing binds you like your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fears. Nothing controls you except your beliefs.”
-- Marianne Williamson
Changing your thoughts will have a ripple affect on your relationships, too. Jennifer shares an example of how her relationship evolved with her sister Stacy as they’ve applied this principle. Make your mind work for you! It will literally change your life.

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